One thing that I did on my trip to Mexico was to go back and watch the pastry chef there at work. The kitchen was clearly a well oiled machine, and everyone knew what they were doing. The Head Chef Louis showed me what they were doing by making one of the flans, and then had me make the next one. I loved being in the kitchen and working with the team.
This Sunday was really busy, so I didn't have time to make this recipe again. But I did snap a pic of it on my vacation, so I will be able to show you the final result.


Recipe by: Louis, Head Chef at Casa Gordon
Serves: 7

For Topping:
Sugar (enough to melt in the bottom of an 9" round pan.)

Melt the sugar until golden brown in a 9" round pan, swirling to coat the entire bottom. Once the sugar is fully melted remove from heat and set aside.

For the Flan:
7 eggs
397g condensed milk
387g evaporated milk
1 cup regular milk
1 teaspoon cornstarch
2 teaspoons vanilla

Put all the ingredients together in a blender. Blend on high for 1 min. Pour flan into the pan with the melted sugar bottom and cover with tin foil.

To bake:
Place a ceramic tile on the bottom of a large pan. Stack a folded a paper towel on the tile, then another tile on the paper towel. Repeat until there are four tiles. Place the 9"round pan on top of the tiles. Fill the large pan with water, just covering all four tiles. Cover the whole pan with tinfoil.
Place the pot on the stove under high heat. Once you hear the mixture popping and boiling, turn it down to low and cook for 1 hour.
Once the flan is done, take the pan out and let it cool before inverting it onto a serving platter.

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