So as you know I just got back from my trip to Mexico, and that led to me not making anything for two weeks.
Although, the house we were staying at was called Casa Gordon, and they had a team of chefs in the kitchen. They allowed me to come in and watch them make beautiful desserts that were then rolled out of the kitchen for us to eat. They showed me traditional Mexican ways to create certain desserts we all know. I took pictures of recipes in their cookbook that they had created, and I'm currently working on translating them. So that leads to April's theme: Traditional Mexican Desserts! I am very excited to try their different ways of baking, and am even more excited to share it all with you.
But, in the mean time, here is a run-down in pictures and captions of what I did on my trip:

This was Casa Gordon, the beautiful house we rented with two other families.

We visited the Mayan ruins in Tulum.

My sisters and I para sailed, and it was an amazing experience I can now cross off my list of things to do! 

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