Again, no recipe this week. :(
School's coming to a close, and as we all know finals comes hand in hand with the final days before summer. I'm very excited to get back in the kitchen though, and have a great recipe planned for Sunday, so don't worry.

So, I thought I would whip out another favorites post, and since I have done this more than once, I thought I would give it a name so it will be easier to use in case I have to use it again. So, here is Sunday Pastry Faves: Bloggers. (pretty original right?)

Sunday Pastry Faves: Bloggers

A collection of my top 5 favorite bloggers that inspire my recipes.

  1. Tartlette
  2. Bakers Royal
  3. Erica's Sweet Tooth
  4. My Baking Addiction
  5. Dessert First
 Hope you check out these wonderful blogs!

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