Completely new discovery fro me in photography this week. I dove headfirst into the basics of film photography and all of the developing aspects that come with it. I just started working in a darkroom at my school developing photos taken from a variety of film cameras.
Learning how to work with film has definitely given me more appreciation for this craft. The effort that goes into every single image makes me all the more grateful for every shot that emerges in the developer. Now days with cameras on cell phones that instantly show you an image, it's easy to rush and snap a ton of mediocre shots. (I myself have fallen into this routine many times.) Film has taught me to put effort into everything: composition, light, frame, styling, you name it, and it all has to be there in your first shot.
I really think developing film is something every photographer should do once and a while to remind themselves to slow down and put effort into their work.

But onto the kitchen...

This week I was think a bit of fun was in order. So, I turned up my music and went to work making a relatively simple dessert that was a brand new concept to me: cake bars. I is basically a pound cake stuck together with chocolate and endless other flavors. Overall, I was very pleased with some of my flavor experimentation, and everything went together nicely.

Chocolate Almond Toffee Cake Bars with Raspberry Topping

Cake bar recipe adapted from: Baker's Royale

For the Cake Bars:

11 oz. semi-sweet chocolate
1 cup unsalted butter
2 tablespoons corn syrup
1/4 cup toffee bits
1 finely cubed pound cake (I used this recipe.)*
1 cup (4oz) walnuts
1 cup raspberry (4oz) raspberry
2 tablespoons of silvered almonds
2 tablespoons toffee

Line 9x13 pan with a plastic wrap or foil sling. leaving a 1 inch overhang on each side.
Place chocolate, butter and corn syrup in a heat proof bowl over a pan of simmering water. Once melted remove bowl from heat and stir in toffee bits Set aside 2/3 cup of mixture.
Add cubed pound cake and walnuts into chocolate mixture and fold to combine. Spread mixture into plastic or foiled lined pan.** Pour the remaining 2/3 cup of mixture on top as evenly as possible.
Sprinkle raspberry, almonds, and toffee on top. To finish, drizzle with melted white chocolate. Transfer fully assembled pan to refrigerator and chill until set. Once set, grab hold of plastic wrap or foil overhang and remove from pan and slice to serve.
Keep bars chilled until ready to serve (about 2 hours). Bars will keep for 3-4 day in a tightly covered container.

Recipe Notes:

*For the pound cake, I added about 1/2 a cup of toffee pieces right to the batter, and it added a bit more toffee flavor that really added to the dessert.

**Depending on how big or small you cut your cubed pound cake, it will decide whether or not you are actually going to have a clumpier bar or a smoother one. The smoother one looks better, but to be honest, I like the taste of the larger bites of cake. Your choice on this one though.

Finally, you can do anything with this dessert. White chocolate peppermint, citrus, strawberry. What ever you thing of. Experiment with different kinds of cake too! However, if the cake you use is crumbly freeze it before mixing in in with the chocolate. I didn't have this issue with the pound cake, however, so you're the judge as to if the cake is going to fall apart or not.

Until next Week!

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