It's a very nice day today for Mother's Day, and I decided to not procrastinate on getting my mother a gift this year. I had everything planned out and ready by the time this morning rolled around, and I was excited to try a techniques I've been seeing all over Pinterest lately. Well, two techniques, one baking related, and one not so much.

The first was idea was making a card with crayon drip art. (Check out some really cool examples here.) So, I taped crayons to a canvas and started to melt them with a hair dryer, as most instructions tell you to do. However, when I did this it started spraying hot wax everywhere but the canvas. So there I was covered in colorful wax, with only a minimal amount actually on the card. I ended up deciding to continue on (I have no idea what kind of logic convinced me to do so) until I got enough on the card. Let's just say, I spent a long time afterwords scraping wax off of the floor. I did, however, get a very nice looking card out of the mess.

The second (and far more successful) gift was baking related. It's called a cupcake bouquet, and I thought it would be a great gift for my mother for Mother's Day. They are simple to make and are amazing center pieces for tables and dessert tables.

Cupcake Bouquet DIY

You will need:

I made these chocolate cupcakes with a ganache filling from Brown Eyed Baker.
But instead of chocolate icing I used this raspberry butter creme recipe from Laura in the Kitchen.
And they turned out heavenly, so I would highly recommend them.

If you aren't sure how to frost cupcakes like roses, check out this post or this video!

First, place the Styrofoam ball into the flower pot. Then place toothpicks in places your think you will want cupcakes. You will most likely move most of them around later, but do this just to get a general idea of where you want them to go.
Place toothpicks near the bottom of the Styrofoam at a 45 degree angle so the cupcakes won't slide off.

Next, place another toothpick next to the ones you already placed so two toothpicks will hold one cupcake. Carefully slide the cupcakes onto the toothpicks.

Cut approx. 4 inch squares out of the green tissue paper. You will need anywhere from 20 to 40 squares depending on your cupcake placement. The more uniform they are the better your arrangement will look.

Once all the squares are cut, fan fold them, pinch the end, and tape the pinched end shut. The trifold should be pretty loose for a better looking "leaf".

Finally, arrange these paper leaves around the cupcakes. You may have to tape some of them, but others you can slide under the cupcakes and they will hold just fine.

So there is your finished product! Its super fun to make and everyone was very impressed.

A special thanks also to my mom as well for everything she has done for me!

Until next week! (oh yea and my bad not getting this post out until 9pm, so Mother's day is coming to a close, but better late then never!)

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