If you have looked much into food blogs, you might have noticed something probably along the lines of perfection. Shiny professional quality photos intermittently placed within the lines of a funny personal story make up the basis of a post. A beautifully written original recipe follows suit, with maybe another outstanding picture or two at the end.
Honestly it makes my head spin. How on earth can they never fail recipes? I know many of them are professionals in their craft, but for armatures like me I definitely have some recipes that don't/can't make it on my blog.

I'm still very much learning pastry and that calls for many failures coming out of my oven. Just two weeks ago I decided to take on puff pastry, a two day dough involving a ton of refrigerator time. After a large amount of rolling and refrigerating it was finally time to put it in the oven. The butter began to ooze from the pastry and onto the floor of the oven, causing quite a bit of soke. They came out looking a bit like this:

Which leads me to something I'm planning on doing for the rest of the summer. 
I'm planning on perfecting this dough. It took me three tries to successfully make both pate a choux (see: cream puffs) and macarons (see: raspberry macarons). So, I'm going to put in the work and re-create this dough until I'm successful at it.

So, unfortunately no recipe this week. However, I'm excited to get to work perfecting this dough and will hopefully churn out some great recipes for the rest of August.

I'm going to start my next batch of pastry tonight, so I'll keep you all updated!