Happy New Year everyone!

I'm really excited for another year of baking, photography, and writing.

I got to spend New Years up at my cabin with some friends and family, and we had a great time in the below zero weather.

My fingers almost froze off trying to take some landscape photos, but I was able to get in some pretty good shots. I kept trying to switch setting which just made matters worse, and I ended up not being able to feel my fingers long after I got back inside.

Also, I got The Contemporary Buttercream Bible as a gift this holiday season. I've been leafing through the pages and am really enjoying the book. It's very informational for beginners like myself, and the cakes all have amazing design. So, if you are interested in cake design I would for sure check out this book.

Today I tried making the buttercream from the book, however I completely over mixed it and it was too dense. So when I tried to frost the cake, the whole thing completely fell apart.
Therefore, I don't have much of a picture this week, but I will be enjoying a very yummy, ugly cake.

So I leave you with a nice sunset picture, a book recommendation, and a promise of an amazing recipe next week. Until then.

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